What Really Happens When You Give Your Power Away

What Really Happens When You Give Your Power Away

Personal power is a big deal. It’s the seat of our confidence. It helps us navigate our next life move. It’s a trusted friend in times of trouble, cheering us on to never give up. It’s also something many of us (myself included) have given away without even realizing it; that’s not only a problem, it creates problems.


There are a multitude of reasons why people give their power away:

— You don’t think you have any other options

— You don’t have enough time and/or information to make a decision (so you let someone else make it for you)

— You don’t trust yourself in a particular situation (so you don’t make any decision and give your power to fate)

— You want to feel relief from a bad situation

— You feel you don’t have a voice (or your voice doesn’t matter)

— You’ve lost control of your life (and it feels easier to let someone else be in charge)

It’s vitally important to take your power back because if you don’t there will be a price to pay.


Giving away your power creates a ripple effect.

It makes room for the green meanies to step in and fill your head with self doubt, which affects you thoughts, which affects you choices.

It can give you a feeling of helplessness.

And, depending upon the terms of the power give-away, you may also sense you’ve not only lost your power, you’ve lost your freedom as well.


Loss of freedom is the high price to pay. It takes all options off the table because you’re no longer in charge.

Just how long you’re willing to give up that freedom will be up to you.

If you feel like people aren’t giving you an opportunity to take care of your life or are always stepping in to handle things for you, it’s your duty to yourself to course correct.

What are the signals you’re putting out there? How are you showing up in your life? People will be less likely to take your power if they know it’s not available.


Once you realize “I’m in this hot mess, because I gave away my power away to … ”

Then ask yourself WHY you gave your power away. What was the situation? How were you feeling about yourself and your life at the time?

Forgive yourself.

If you gave your power away, you gave it away. Forgive the other person (and/or the situation) too. Whether they knew exactly what they were doing or only wanted to help you out, it’s time to regain what you’ve lost.


Get to know YOU.

Invest in the lifetime journey of self discovery. Understand why you do what you do.

Think of a time you gave your power away and play that scene in your mind. Then do it again, but this time, don’t let the person take your power. What would the result have been?

Be responsible for yourself. You have the answers within you and you can figure things out.

Repeat I’m taking my power back multiple times a day, before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Set personal boundaries.

Make decisions that honor YOU.

And, the next time fear and desperation show up (they will, you’re human), tempting as it may be to give it away, HOLD ON TO YOUR POWER.

Remember, you can handle your life.

You have options.


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