The Vocal Exercise That Will Change Your Life

The Vocal Exercise That Will Change Your Life

This vocal exercise will literally change your life. It doesn’t hurt and you won’t even break a sweat. There’s no monthly gym fee and it takes all of seven minutes, so you just can’t say no!

I’m talking about voice coach, Roger Love‘s daily vocal warm-up. Roger Love worked with Bradley Cooper during prep for A Star is Born. He’s also worked with singers such as Selena Gomez. You get the idea.

His daily vocal work out will help your confidence soar. I’m seriously not kidding.

What I love about vocal warm ups is the same thing I love about breathing correctly – both release stored tension and OPEN UP the instrument (YOU) so you literally feel like you’ve got this. You know what I mean? Check out these benefits if you’re on the fence:


  • Allows you to be a clear and effective communicator
  • Builds your self confidence
  • Provides you with a real sense of personal power
  • Makes you stand out in a crowd (in a good way!)

I downloaded the female vocal warm up on my phone so that I have no excuses (there’s a male vocal warm up too). I usually listen and do the exercises in the car. For me morning is the best time – helps set your intention for the day.

I want this to be easy as pie for you so try the exercise with me. Then, pick up a copy of Roger Love’s book, Love Your Voice on my affiliate. It includes a copy of the CD that contains all the vocal exercises. And as Roger Love himself says, “These are not singing exercises, they are VOCAL exercises.”

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