3 Books That Help Take Care of You

3 Books That Help Take Care of You

The following three books are the kind of books that will help take care of you:

  • Eat Smart
  • The Secret Language of Your Body
  • Into the Magic Shop

Each one made their way into my life this year and they will definitely stay with me through 2019 and beyond.


Because each book offers something truly special in the way of self-care. Eat Smart covers nutritious meals that boost not only your health but your energy.

The Secret Language of Your Body dives deep into how to understand the messages your body is sending you.

And Into the Magic Shop explores the secrets of the mind and heart.

If you’ve got these books, you’ll not only have the tools to handle just about anything, but you’ll set yourself up with a rock solid foundation to build a healthy, vibrant, enjoyable life.

INTO THE MAGIC SHOP, by James R. Doty, MD 


EAT SMART: What to Eat in a Day – Every Day, by Niomi Smart

Be well. And remember, you deserve to have a life you love.

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