The Perfect Babymoon

The Perfect Babymoon

Situated on the Atlantic coastline of the Portuguese Riviera, Cascais, was the perfect babymoon getaway. Only instead of a couples babymoon (we’d done that month four), I was meeting my mom, her husband and a group of their friends. So happy was I because not only was this my last pre-mom trip, I was going to spend time with my mom, whom I didn’t see often; I was living in Russia, she was in the U.S, had to do it! 

I flew Lufthansa from St. Petersburg, Russia via Frankfurt to Lisbon. Lufthansa took great care of me, even upgraded me to first class. Hotel transport was waiting for me at baggage, then it was less than a 20 mile drive to Cascais. Easy and seamless. 

We were booked for four nights at Hotel Albatroz, a former palace overlooking the sea.

Hotel Albatroz, Cascais, Portugal

It was super late when I checked in, so it wasn’t until morning that my eyes took in the glistening seaside view.

Babymoon paradise. 

View from my room.

My breakfast spot for the next four days was the hotel’s incredible wrap-around restaurant with its panoramic view of Cascais Bay.

A gorgeous buffet breakfast as I watched the beach fill up. 

DAY 1: SINTRA. We hired a car and driver for the day. Then it was off to explore nearby Sintra. 

Known to be filled with wealthy residents, many of whom are expats, Sintra is a just a 20 minutes from Cascais. 

The hilltop town’s architecture is a masterful riviera setting of palaces, estates, gardens and nature parks. 

We were introduced to the luxury romantic boutique hotel, Tivoli Palacio de Seteais just in time for lunch.

It was love at first sight; I couldn’t wait to discover what was behind the entrance of the neoclassical former palace.

Garden, views …

And a simple pool that was enchanting.

Lunch was served on the terrace.

A drive along the coast brought us back to Cascais and Hotel Albatroz.

The day ended with a spectacular sunset over Cascais Bay and dinner outside at a local cafe.


My body needed a lazy day and what better place than poolside at Hotel Albatroz. Loved the view (how can you not!) and the poolside service made it so I didn’t  have to go anywhere. 

In the afternoon, I wandered around Cascais.

Shoppers heaven. Quaint, walkways, cafes along with the expected shops filled with art, luxury souvenirs, pottery, jewelry and clothes.

As for dinner, Guincho’s, a chic Michelin star restaurant along the Cascais coast road.


I’d no idea what to expect of Lisbon, but knew that it had been my grandmother’s favorite European city.

It was immediately clear why. Aside for the size of this coastal capital city, Lisbon like the hilltop town of Sintra, wowed me with its landscape and architecture. 

We visited the Belem district and the Monument to the Discoveries, which was one of the most impressive sculptures I’ve seen. Not only because of it’s massive size, but again, location, setting and this time, power. A tribute to Portugal’s great explorers – think Magellan, Vasco de Gama. Much to see and do in this area.

From the historic landmarks of the area and before heading up to Saint George’s Castle, we stopped at Pasteis de Belem, a Portuguese bakery that since 1837, has been perfecting their secret recipe for sweet pastry.

It was time to sample their infamous hand-size creamy custard tarts.

Thumbs up from our entire group. On to the castle!

We learned that the oldest parts of Saint George’s castle dates back to the 1st century BC. I love history so was excited to explore.

Incredible views from the castle, offered a welcome breeze on what was a HOT day!

Our car and driver were waiting nearby when we decided on an early dinner at, Restaurante D’Avis… lamb stew, olives, mint…. real local cuisine and atmosphere. Revived after the meal, we opted for a bit of shopping before heading back to Cascais.


The next and last full day for me was a restful day spent with more time at the pool, then down at the beach watching the swimmers in the ocean. That night we had a farewell dinner at the hotel, which was gorgeous. The next day I would fly back to St. Petersburg, while my mom, stepfather and their friends, were headed to the island of Madiera. 

I left Cascais with a sense of total wellbeing. Not only did I have time with my mom, which was important to pregnant me, but I was able to let the sites, sounds and beauty of Portugal nourish my body and spirit.

This getaway had been good for me. And I knew it had been good for my baby too.

She arrived two months later, healthy and without a doubt, the prettiest baby any mother had ever seen.

Thinking about Portugal for your babymoon getaway?

Go HERE to check dates.

Post your comments and questions. And if you’re planning your babymoon during your last trimester, be sure to check out my list of TIPS below.

Happy & safe travels!




  • strike a balance between sightseeing and downtime
  • hire a car and driver
  • allow a day or two for lounging by the pool, etc.
  • eat healthy food and drink plenty of water
  • when you’re tired, rest
  • enjoy

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