The Most Popular Tea Brand in Russia

The Most Popular Tea Brand in Russia

In the nearly ten years I lived in Russia, I don’t ever recall seeing any Russians drink Russian tea. Plenty of other global brands such as Lipton or Ahmad, but not Russian. So it comes as no surprise that the most popular tea brand in Russia, the brand Russians love to drink, is in fact, imported.

That tea brand is, Dilmah, a premium quality Ceylon tea.

You should know that I was a coffee drinker when I moved to Russia, but Dilmah made giving up coffee easy. Just like so many Russians I knew, I drank it everyday, served it to friends, family and on all occasions from birthdays to New Year.

But get this – when I moved back to the U.S. I couldn’t find Dilmah anywhere. Sadly, I had no other choice but to drink a different brand of tea. I adapted, but let’s just say, the teas I drank didn’t have the same rich and distinct, “Russian” flavour I was looking for.

Eventually, I went back to coffee.

That is until recently.

I was at a Russian friend’s house and she wanted to make us tea. When she opened the cupboard there it was – Dilmah.

My Russian life past before my eyes.

All I could think about was where can I buy this tea! My friend said, she’d gotten it, where else? In Russia.

I wasn’t going to Russia, but I did go online.

Good news!

Dilmah is available on Amazon, my affiliate! Click HERE and try it!

I hope you love it as much as I do.

It may not be Russian tea, but it’s the most popular tea in Russia and that’s good enough for me.

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