Memoir Project

Memoir Project

What happens when an American woman moves from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1998? Watch this page for updates about my memoir project! Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy some of my favorite images of my Russian life (1998-2008).


  • 3/1/2021 Not done yet! Another revision, really hope I will get this wrapped within the next couple of weeks, but lately hard to stay focused…ERRR.
  • 12/5/2020 Printed out entire chapter synopsis, time to cut everything that does not serve the story.
  • 11/24/2020 Redoing competitive book section!
  • 11/11/2020 Looking for truthful actions to include as a way to illustrate character objective
  • 11/10/2020 I am seeing my life as a series of moments and how those moments were strung together in this particular period of my life
  • 11/6/2020 Back to editing first draft of proposal. Working on last act chapter synopsis’. Realizing how important it is to make sure the end is authentic, serves the story and realizes the overall arc successfully. The green meanies are loud, chanting, “I can’t do this…”
Outside of Podvorie restaurant, Pavlovsk
Taleon Club
Marriage Palace #3 where I got married
View from my apartment, 5th Sovetskaya
Afternoon picnic (near dacha in Vesnino)
Children’s Island
Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe Selo
Bedroom on Sovetskaya early days
Petrodvorets (Peterhof)
Winter, view from my apartment balcony overlooking 5th Sovetskaya
Me with Rasputin, Yussupov Palace on the Moika
Walking into Peter and Paul Fortress for the reburial service of the remains fo Russia’ last tsar, wife, three of his five children and two servants. July 17, 1998
Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace (former palace belonging to Grand Duchess Elizabeth), my favorite building on Nevsky Prospekt
Monument to the Heroic Defenders, St. Petersburg
Red Square

Alexander Palace
Road to dacha
My favorite hat
My bookshelf
Lydia, my godmother
My employee card, Russian State Musuem
Fyodorovski Sobor, where I became Russian Orthodox and later got married
With Bishop Radzianko and Suzanne Massie, Father Markell in b.g.
Fyodorovski Sobor, July 1998
Cortege moving toward Peter & Paul Fortress carrying remains of Russia’s Last Tsar, his wife, three of his five children and two servants. July 1998
St. Petersburg. Lion Bridge, Griboyedeva Canal



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