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Luxury Hotel Barge Cruise: The Ultimate French Holiday


Luxury Hotel Barge Cruise: The Ultimate French Holiday

When it comes to planning a holiday in France, where to go, what to do – how to see it all – can easily become your main focus. I know what you’re thinking – no time to relax on this trip! Well, think again. 

I’d been to France a number of times but never truly experienced it until I spent six heavenly days cruising along the canals of Burgundy on a luxury hotel barge.  

The week began in Paris where we spent two nights at Le Meurice Hotel,  I adore this gorgeous hotel; the breakfast is out of this world, just check out their Instagram and see for yourself.

NOTE: if it’s your first trip to France, you won’t feel like you didn’t get to see Paris on your vacation. Also you can return to Paris and Le Meurice after the barge if you like. That’s what we did and it was lovely.

When it was time to get to our floating hotel, a small coach collected us from Le Meurice and drove us through the fields of Burgundy to our destination.

We arrived at the barge just near dinner time, a welcome glass of champagne waiting for us. From that moment on, the canal cruise ticked off all the boxes of what was to become a truly relaxing and memorable French holiday. Days were spent visiting quaint villages, châteaux, world-class vineyards, and Michelin star restaurants.

Every one included incredible French haute-cuisine accompanied by the finest wines whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. There was always time to unwind and do exactly what you liked – bike, walk and relax. 

The barge quickly became an intimate travel experience. In fact I’d go as far as to say, it’s the kind of thing a person can thoroughly enjoy whether traveling alone or with someone. Every aspect of the experience was a treat to the senses and to the heart.

There are a few companies that offer premiere luxury hotel barge cruises,  we went with French Country Waterways – true experts in providing a flawless window into provincial France. And I loved that we could begin and end our trip in Paris. 

I’ll tell you the truth – I cried when this holiday was over. The friends I made, the experiences I had in just one week in France, filled me with such joy that there was only one thing left to do – plan the next barge holiday 🙂 

Think about your dates and check Le Meurice availability HERE! For details on French Country Waterways specifically, contact them directly HERE but make sure to let them know that you heard about them on Linda KP! 

Happy travels!

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