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How to Use a Journal To Get Life Changing Results


How to Use a Journal To Get Life Changing Results


We have hundreds of life-changing ideas every single day. The easiest and best way to record them and get results is to create what I like to call an Idea Journal. 

An Idea Journal is a digital or non-digital destination to capture action-based ideas that come to you throughout the day.


After a day or so of jotting down your creative thoughts, take some quiet time and prepare a mega-list of your top ideas.

Which ones do you hear a little voice shouting Y-E-S? Put a star next to each of those. Then go back to your starred items and create a short list.

Imagine turning each idea on your short list into something wonderful.

Whichever one puts a big smile on your face or gives you a feeling of real certainty (or both!) is the one to move ahead with.


Your ego is not going to like you getting creative and coming up with ideas that will allow you to have a new experience because the ego does NOT like change.

Tell your ego to take a hike!

NOTE: the ego’s job is to protect you from failure, it will do everything in its power to hold you back.  Don’t let it!

The key to your success will be writing your ideas in your idea journal or recording them on your phone NOTES app as soon as they come to you.

I’m going to say that again.

The key to being successful with this is recording your ideas in your idea journal or on your phone AS SOON AS THEY COME TO YOU.

Using your Idea Journal daily will demonstrate that you not only have a lot of ideas, but that you have  a lot of GOOD IDEAS. The goal is to pick one or two of your ideas and act on them with regularity.

I truly believe that we receive positive uncensored (w/out ego influence) divine inspiration all day long… imagine what your life could be if you acted upon even one? 

Remember – you deserve to have a life you love! Your ideas are a pathway to get you there.

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