How to Crush Self Doubt

How to Crush Self Doubt

The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.

Frank Sinatra

Self doubt is a fear driven habit. It comes in the form of a critical voice that has taken up residence in your ear. It has no filter. It will seek you out when you’re driving, working, shopping, or walking the dog. It especially loves to show up when you get an idea to do something new, challenging, or show the slightest bit of interest in making a big change.

My dear friends, self doubt is a natural part of being human, so we must make friends. It will go to great lengths to keep us from experiencing disappointment, confrontation, embarrassment, and from showing up in our lives & claiming our power (too risky). Self doubt prefers hum-drum, same old same old and Sunday afternoons. But you and I both know life is experience and you are here on this planet to reach your full potential. So as much as playing it safe feels like comfort food (warm chocolate chip cookies 😀) and we we don’t want to give that up, I dare say nothing good has ever come from playing small.

If you’ve lost your income, or gone through a breakup, a divorce, a traumatic experience… if you’re emotionally depleted, stuck in a rigid routine… anything that’s keeping you from moving into your future empowered, I get it. It’s not easy to find the gumption (love that word) to pull yourself up and out of the well, and say, “Enough! Today is a new day – let’s get on with it!” Not when there’s a critical voice shouting, “Not so fast!”

Because you’re reading this, I already know you’re looking for solutions. That you want to do more, be more. You’re the kind of person who wants to expand and live a life fueled by your potential. So here’s what we’re going to do:

A few simple exercises to help you begin to notice when self doubt is showing up in your life, how often, and under what circumstances. When you can identify self doubt, you can eradicate it! Stick with me to the end of this post because I’m going to finish up with a little trick I learned that will help keep your critical voice occupied while you get on with it!


Put a check mark next to the statements that are true for you:

  • Things never work out for me.
  • I can never get anything done.
  • I never finish what I start.
  • There’s always a road block.
  • There’s something holding me back.
  • I don’t deserve to have what I want.
  • I’m disorganized and can’t focus. 
  • I don’t know what I’m doing.


Put a check mark next to the statements that are true for you:

  • OMG, now what?!
  • Why is this taking so long?
  • Forget it, I’ll never get this done.
  • Why am I the only person who ever has to deal with this crap?
  • I cant’ do this on my own!
  • Ahh, I’m so confused!
  • Not again!

Give yourself a point for each statement you checked. 

(Answers) Critical Daily Thoughts 

1-2 + you’re managing your critical voice pretty well

3 + your critical voice is intruding 

4 + you’re listening to your critical voice

5 + your critical voice is in charge

6 + your critical voice is sabotaging your life

(Challenge) Recode Your Critical Self Beliefs

I try but it never works becomes I always do my best and I never give up

I can never get anything done becomes I am accomplished.

I never finish what I start becomes I always finish what I start; I know my limits.

There’s always a road block becomes I am unstoppable.

The critical voice has an intensely powerful addictive nature, which is why when you can identify it, you can see it for what it is and how it’s impacting your life. Recognize it’s just a narrative. None of the things it’s saying are true.

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You can’t have your critical voice messing with you if you want to get things done. So you’re going to do what smart parents have been doing since time began: you’re going to sit your voice of shame and guilt down at the kiddie table and there sh/e will stay until you are finished with your important work, which includes taking time for yourself without judgment.

Do this for real. I mean make a physical action that expresses you taking your critical voice by the hand to the kiddie table or sitting it on a chair. Say in your out loud voice: “I going to do something important now, I’ll come back for you when I’m done.” And when you’re finished, go back and get it (this is important). Rejoining with your critical voice when you’re finished shows you value the totality of your being.

If you use this technique daily, you will create a shift in your ability to accomplish your goals.

Your critical voice won’t go away, but it will settle down.

If this all of this resonates with you let me know in the comments!

Be well. Be you. Enjoy your life.

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