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How to Become a Great Writer


How to Become a Great Writer

No matter where you’re from or what you do, you can become a great writer.

It begins with tapping into how you view the world. Take a look at what you believe to be true about society, culture, politics, money, equality, parenting, education… pay attention to the emotions that come up when you think about these things.

If you want to write, owning your beliefs is the first step to becoming a great writer.

And then, whether fiction or nonfiction, you’ll need to have a willingness to share your thoughts truthfully.

This is something all writers from author, J.K. Rowling, to screenwriter, Eric Roth, to the master of us all, Shakespeare, do flawlessly.

They know how to tell an honest story.


You may have an idea for an article or poem but trash it because of a friend’s unenthusiastic response.


You chuck a book project because hey, it’s already been done.

Don’t let the impulse to kill an idea, kill it.


Every story has been told before and will be told again.

Take a Star is Born for example. Bradley Cooper’s version of the film was the fourth time that story has been told.

The only thing that matters is YOUR interpretation.

If J.K. Rowling had done that to her idea for a story about a boy who goes to a school for wizards, there would be no Harry Potter book, movies, merchandise or theme parks!

Believe in yourself and in your ideas.

Get past the self-judgment.

Cultivate a willingness to dig deep and discover WHY you see the world as you do. This will allow you to write from the place of who you really are, not from who you think you should be.

Read books.

Get a flavour for the many ways stories can be told.

Study the masters.

Learn about structure.

Then write. Take your time, but write. The more you do, the better writer you will become, IF you’d don’t quit.

You’re capable of great things and great writing.

Remember, anyone who has ever gotten good at anything spends time on his or her craft.

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