The Best Way to Deal With Overwhelm

The Best Way to Deal With Overwhelm

There’s one way of dealing with overwhelm that’s gotten me back on track every time and I want to share it with you.

Now it might sound a little odd at first, but it works. So settle in and read on!

The next time overwhelm shows up, find a quiet spot, get comfortable (as if you’re going to do a meditation) then ask (in your head) this overwhelm what it has to say.

Any emotion, whether it’s stress or frustration or anger, even the good ones like joy, they’re all trying to communicate something to us. And we’ll learn a lot if we take some quiet time and listen.

The kinds of messages OVERWHELM often delivers may surprise you.

It might want to tell you that –

  • You’ve overextended yourself – too many to-dos
  • You need to do some research because you’re trying to accomplish a task you don’t know enough about
  • You could use a pep talk – call an old friend
  • Accept that today is going to be about other things – don’t beat yourself up over it
  • Your heart may not be in this, change course
  • Lower your expectations, some things take time
  • You’re crabby and unfocused because you need more sleep
  • Even though you don’t want to – you really need to redo that project, rewrite a document, etc.
  • You need more self-discipline – it’s a muscle, work it!
  • Give yourself a win – finish a big goal before you start another one, it will feel great!

The bottom line – overwhelm shows up because it wants your attention.

It’s trying to help you solve a problem or remind you to make time for yourself.

So next time overwhelm shows up, invite it in, and ask it what it has to say.

You’re amazing. And your dreams matter. Hang in. You can do this!



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