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So happy you dropped by. I’m delighted to tell you that this is the place where I share an abundance of wellbeing tips & techniques, most of which are derived from all of the things I have learned studying acting.

They include ways to know who you are, how to make real sense of the past, and how to turn on the light that’s within each of us. I want to share these things and more with you for the simple reason it would be wrong not to! They’re too good. Too valuable. 

I’ve spent my entire life to date trying to figure out who I am, why I do what I do, and how to be the best me only to fall short of the mark each and every time.

Learning the techniques actors use to be fully present and surrender to the work, I found the answers I’d been searching for all of my fifty-seven years. I knew I had to share these findings with others in practical way and so I created, The Acting Technique.


Be Your Glow, is my new book available this fall 2020. It will teach you how to uncover your truth. Some of the work will make you laugh, some of it will make you cry. It’s all good. As you begin to have breakthroughs, the information in the book will guide you to the next step and then the next until you become a master of the technique. When that happens you will not only be equipped with the insight to understand yourself and your life at every turn, but to shape it to be exactly the way you want it to be because you will have found the light inside of you.

Sound good?

If so, get on the Be Your Glow WAITLIST now and be one of the first to access this revolutionary book.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll feel encouraged to try the techniques and exercises you find here, push yourself to see beyond what you think are your limits, and most of all never stop searching and evolving. As Marlon Brando once said, “We are all acting and we’re acting all the time.” 


Linda Kaari Predovsky is an accomplished writer, producer and creative executive. She has worked with global TV networks that include: Nickelodeon, National Geographic, History, CBS, ABC Daytime, and more. Skilled in dramatic scriptwriting, acting, story development, and television production, Linda was the co-founder of the former Russia based TV/Film production company, Predworld Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter named her International Entertainment Executive to Watch.

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