5 Easy Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

5 Easy Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

While ginger root may not be new to you, using ginger weekly and sometimes daily for the purpose of easing digestive troubles, might be. If that’s the case, here are five easy ways to add ginger to your diet that I’ve found help digestion:


The ginger shot I love that will make you wince and want to shout a four letter word, is a combination of ginger juice, lemon juice, coconut water and cayenne pepper. OMG! That was my reaction after downing one for the first time. Imagine a shot of tequila mixed with wasabi and you’ll get the idea of what to expect.

Intense, but worth it. A total digestion booster with fairly quick results. Yes, ginger shots are now part of my weekly gut wellness regime.

A company called, KOR, based in Malibu, CA, sells the best, at least I think so! Kor’s ginger shots are organic and don’t contain any sugar. Double plus in my book. I like to buy them in a 12-pack because that way they’re always in the fridge when I need one, super important for keeping our tummies happy.  CLICK HERE and head over to my affiliate link to order yours.


A cup of ginger tea is a simple way to incorporate ginger into your day. There are many different kinds available, you’ll even find blended flavors, such as ginger and turmeric. I prefer straight up ginger for the ultimate potency. And of course, it’s got to be organic!

One of my favorite’s is by Traditional Medicinals. I like it because of it’s rich flavor (I’m sorry to say some ginger teas I’ve tried are tasteless!).


This ginger tea has become a real comfort favorite and I think you might agree –

Place 2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon honey into a large mug. Fill with boiling water, let seep for about 5 minutes.


Note: I recommend using a paring knife to remove the skin of ginger root.


Love ginger powder for its convenience. Raw. organic.

Having ginger powder on hand like this makes it so easy to add to your diet. You can bake with it, add to juice, smoothies, tea and savory dishes; the sky’s the limit. I like Healthworks Ginger Powder, which can be found on my affiliate HERE.

While baking with ginger powder or putting it in a savory dish adds a lovely flavor and yes, you do get some ginger benefits, if your stomach is bothering you, think about adding a heaping teaspoon to a smoothie. You can also keep strong ginger tea going throughout the day or better yet boost it with a ginger shot!


This is truly one of my favorite ginger drinks. I close my eyes and look past the 17g of sugar (ouch) and the fact that it’s not organic, because this ginger drink packs a punch. Overall g-r-e-a-t flavor. Makes you want to curl up with your favorite book. CLICK HERE to buy.

What I know is that ginger is good for my gut and that means it’s part of my life. Not just every once in awhile but with great regularity. Remember, ginger is also an immune booster and a big time energizer! Double bonus. As with any herb or spice used for wellness purposes, you may want to consult with your doctor before using it.

Do you have a favorite ginger recipe or ginger product? Share in comments. Let’s help each other!



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