5 Easy Things You Can Do to Reverse Signs of Aging

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Reverse Signs of Aging

Scrolling Instagram this morning, I paused on a sponsored ad by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Chasan. A tug to listen to what he had to say about reversing signs of aging, i.e. wrinkles, droopy skin, prompted me to spend the next thirty minutes taking in what he had to say about the collapsing dermis (yes, my dears, it’s come to that). In the end, I caved and purchased one 30-day trial directed at people over forty, fifty, sixty and beyond … to help reverse signs of aging.

Here’s what I want to share and no, it’s not that you run out and make a purchase like I did.

ALERT! Be sure and read to the end to find out the essential contents that every anti-aging face moisturizer should contain if it’s gong to work + the SECRET anti-aging food that you most likely have in your kitchen right now!

I wanted to let you in on the five things that Dr. Chasan said help reverse signs of aging (three out of the five are contained within his skin product) that you can start to incorporate into your life now.

1. WATER. One of the main reasons water is good for your skin is that it helps to flush out toxins + it keeps you hydrated, which is key to overall good health (take it from someone who landed in the hospital due to dehydration, you don’t want to go there!).

Are you consuming sixty-four ounces (eight cups) a day? If not, my friend Sass Jordan recommends the i9 water bottle to keep you on track with daily water consumption. I’ve just picked one up and I love it!

2. CARDIO. Any exercise that will raise your heart rate will increase your blood flow will help to keep your skin nourished and cells super-charged.

It’s vital that you get in some kind of cardio exercise at least twice a week.

Lockdown, stay-at-home orders make this challenging for everyone. If you’re feeling that, try jumping jacks, going up and down stairs, walking up a big hill (if possible), and the one I really love, blasting the music and dancing.

3. BLUEBERRIES. The reason blueberries are good for your skin is that they are an antioxidant and fight against free-radicals. They also contain compounds called anthocyanins that help improve your skin tone and increase your circulation. High in vitamins, C, K, A, and E.

Fresh blueberries, frozen wild blueberries, blueberry juice, there’s also blueberry extract that you can add to smoothies and blueberry tea you can try. I like Celestial’s True Blueberry.

4. VITAMIN C. Another antioxidant that combats and neutralizes nasty free-radicals. Not only that, this essential vitamin helps your body repair damaged skin cells. If you’re taking supplements that are in tablet form, make sure they’re PH buffered otherwise they can be really hard on your stomach. I like this brand: Dacha Nutrition.

5. TUMERIC. This gorgeous colored ancient spice is good for so many things, your skin is one of them. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties do wonders to help reduce spots and calm down skin conditions because of its antiseptic properties.

Golden Milk is a soothing way to get in a decent amount of tumeric everyday. Have it at night before you go to sleep, so comforting! I think you’ll really love it. You can also add a tablespoon to water when making rice. It will soak right in as the rice cooks!


And now for the ingredients you want to make sure are included in any face moisturizer you purchase:

Ceramides. Naturally lost as we age, body needs more to restore and improve skin’s health and appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid. Helps keep your skin hydrated and plump in a good way.

Glycolic Acid. Tackles lines and wrinkles head on.

Alpha Hydroxy. Comes from fruit and milk sugars, Cleopatra used it.

and Retinol. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


White rice.

This is the staple food for two continents: Asia and Africa and it contains the almighty phytoceramides! This is the kind of ceramides that is the most effective in recovering a healthy level of ceramides in the skin while promoting a youthful look.

(Phytoceramides improves, restores and supports the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out.)

Ingesting through food is best.

Not only white rice contains phytoceramides. It’s also in spinach, beets, brown rice, soy and sweet potatoes. Awesome, right?! Make it a daily staple.

Now, if you decide you want to take a ceramides supplement orally or apply it directly on your skin through a topical, do your research about possible side effects. I haven’t been able to come up with more than perhaps itching or redness, in which case, stop using a product. Bottom line: use common sense and read labels.

Back to Dr. Chasan and his youth restoring supplements… I will circle back once I receive his product and let you know what I think after my thirty-day trial. I’ve every reason to believe I’ll love it, but I’m also exited to incorporate the five easy things you can do to have younger looking skin.

Why wait?!

What are you thoughts on methods that have helped restore your skin’s appearance. Share in the comments below! Remember, I’ll circle back and let you know about Dr. Chasan’s supplements once I finish my 30-day trial.

Be well.

UPDATE! Hi again. It’s July 31, 2020 and I just finished my first 30-day supply of this product. The first thing I noticed early on was an increase in overall energy. I also had better clarity and my nails became a lot stronger, not as much breakage for example, they’re also smooth now whereas they weren’t before. I’m super tempted to opt-into using this product for another couple of months. I recall Dr. Chasan saying that’s when you really begin to see the results on your face. I’d like to see that! Now I just have to decide. It’s a fifty dollar a month investment. I’ll keep you posted! x

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