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Best 3 Summer Family Vacation Spots in the US

Best 3 Summer Family Vacation Spots in the US

Three US destinations made it to my summer family vacation short list this year. Each one provides the right combination of relaxation and fun for the entire family. Last mention before I dive in, book now, or soon, because these summer family destinations fill up 

5 Easy Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

5 Easy Ways to Add Ginger to Your Diet

While ginger root may not be new to you, using ginger weekly and sometimes daily for the purpose of easing digestive troubles, might be. If that’s the case, here are five easy ways to add ginger to your diet that I’ve found help digestion:

A Solution For Digestive Problems

A Solution For Digestive Problems

My journey to find a solution for digestive problems began after a colon resection and some other abdominal surgical rearranging. While my digestion was utterly brilliant following the surgery, four months later it wasn’t. Suddenly, I was plagued by daily digestive issues that affected my mood, productivity and life. I was determined to find a solution.

It began with a trip to a gastro doctor who said, “This might be your new normal; let’s do some tests.” That was not the solution to my digestive problems I was expecting to hear. I left his office thinking, “This is not my new normal, thank you very much.” But I did do the recommended tests, which included an endoscopy, colonoscopy and stool study. The results were negative. All good, but not my digestion.

Daily digestive problems continued, like gas pains, which ranged from mild to severe – sometimes lasting all day.

I became a master at downward dog. I did that yoga pose every five minutes when things flared up because it was the only position that alleviated or let’s just say moved, the trapped gas around. Again, no long lasting gastro solution, but it helped, for a minute.

By the way, every doctor I saw recommended a probiotic – a probiotic that I could buy from CVS. My inner voice knew better, but I went along with the recommendation just the same. None helped my digestive problems, not even a bit. I stopped taking them.

Instead, I continued the downward dog. I got used to living with gas pain and a heating pad.

Months later it was an emergency trip to the ER – twisted bowel.  Intestinal hernia. A momentary digestive setback, but a bit of an improvement afterwards. I knew it was now or never, I had to take charge of my digestion problems and get it back to a normal I could live with.

It wasn’t until five months after the twisted bowel, when I randomly purchased a probiotic called, Fortify, that my digestive problems improved dramatically. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, Fortify, turned out to be the ultimate digestive solution.

Everything has changed for me since I began taking Fortify. And I do, every day. I also have more energy. I feel relaxed and super focused. If you want to try it, click HERE and you’ll be directed to my affiliate so you can buy it now. BONUS: the price online is almost ten dollars less than if you purchase at Whole Foods.

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret about how much this probiotic means to me. Recently, I finished my month’s supply of Fortify. For two days I didn’t take anything. Guess what? My stomach started to hurt, gas pains returned. I left the gym, walked to Whole Foods, grabbed Fortify, opened the box and took a capsule in the store. Within one hour my digestive pain was gone and it has not returned.

My gastro journey has taught me a lot.

I now know to:

  • Take a probiotic that really WORKS every day
  • Avoid probiotic brands from chain pharmacies
  • Pay attention to what I eat
  • Eat 3 healthy meals a day (don’t skip)
  • Listen to my inner voice and trust it
  • Be sensible
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink herbal teas that aid digestion every day
  • Exercise daily

I’ve also discovered on this journey, that digestion is a balancing act – it won’t always be perfect, it can get better and it can even be good. You have to keep tweaking until you land on something that really works. Remember, it was a random purchase of a probiotic that helped me!

I hope what I’ve shared brings you or someone you know who might be suffering from digestive problems, some relief. I know what it’s like and I know it’s not easy.

Share your digestive journey in the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going!



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