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Why to Let Go of the ‘New Year-New You’ Mindset

Why to Let Go of the ‘New Year-New You’ Mindset

  I was in Starbucks this morning and overheard a couple of people talking about their plans to ring in the new year. “I’m not into all that, it’s too crazy.” “What’s the point?” “I’m staying home.” “Maybe I’m getting old.” (this guy was about 

The Real Benefits of Matcha

The Real Benefits of Matcha

I’ve read a lot of posts about matcha, it’s benefits and why everyone seems to sum it up with one word: magical. Believe it or not, all of that wasn’t enough to get me to try the green Japanese powder, let alone even look for 

3 Inspiring Travel Destinations for Creative People

3 Inspiring Travel Destinations for Creative People


If you’re a writer, artist, designer or someone simply looking for inspiration, here are a three inspiring travel destinations for creative people that deliver.

Each one offers a kind of awakening, motivation, enthusiasm or elevation in thinking that inspires creativity to soar.

All include the following outstanding aspects, which I believe are essential to traveling for the purpose of inspiration:

  • architecture
  • color
  • history
  • beauty
  • cuisine
  • authenticity


I had no idea this 16th century South American city existed until a friend told me she had just purchased a house there.


Situated on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a port city along with being a popular beach destination. But for me, it’s all about the Old Town.



Having lived in this magical place for such a long time, I can honestly say it is one of the most inspiring places no matter when you visit. From the tremendous architecture, colour, history, cuisine, beauty and authenticity, this travel destination has it all.

CHURCH OF THE SPILLED BLOOD (Church of the Savior on Blood)

The exterior of this church is based on medieval Russian design, while the interior is a museum of mosaics.


This is my favourite food area in the entire “renok” – nothing says RUSSIA like picked garlic!


The entire city is like the back lot of a movie studio.


The first time I visited this magnificent city I was in awe – it was as if I had stepped back in time to the dawn of civilisation.



Whether it’s Cartagena, St. Petersburg, Rome, or all three, there’s something extraordinarily different about traveling to a destination that is outside of your day to day environment for inspiration. It jolts the system. Moves you emotionally. Answers big questions and stirs within you a desire for more.

For creative people this is a must.

Head over to to search flights, find descriptions and reviews of accommodations, car rentals and more in Catagena, St. Petersburg, and Rome.

Pleasant journey!

If you’ve traveled to any one of these places, do post a comment!




How to Know Which Ideas Are Worth Your Time

How to Know Which Ideas Are Worth Your Time

An Idea Journal is a digital or non-digital destination to capture action-based ideas that come to you throughout the day. After a day or so of jotting down your creative thoughts, take some quiet time and prepare a mega-list of your top ideas. Which ones 

Luxury Barge Cruise: The Ultimate French Holiday

Luxury Barge Cruise: The Ultimate French Holiday

I’d been to France a number of times, but never truly experienced it until I spent six heavenly days cruising along the canals of Burgundy on a luxury hotel barge.   The week began in Paris where we spent two nights at Le Meurice Hotel,  I 

The Best Place for a Mother Daughter Vacation

The Best Place for a Mother Daughter Vacation

Since my eldest daughter was spending the summer in Finland, my 13 year old daughter and I decided to head to L.A.  I was happy to be back in my old stomping grounds and Anya was excited to explore Hollywood. That said, we both had a long list of things we wanted to see and do, but I’m here to tell you, we had a blast. Los Angeles turned out to be the best place for a mother daughter vacation!

Top on Anya’s list were Disney, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood Blvd.. For me it was more about time with friends, a chance to show Anya my old alma mater and to do a bit of shopping on Melrose. We both wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills because it is THE original Cheesecake Factory and to see Lucille Ball’s house (we LOVE Lucy).

Here’s how it rolled:

Universal Studios! After that, Anya said no need for Disneyland! Sorry Mickey.

Santa Monica Pier (this is not my kind of thing, so we compromised – one hour)


The cake Anya made at Duff’s CakeMix on Melrose Ave. Yes, total YUM.

Hollywood Blvd. (another 110 + degree day, but we had a total blast anyway!)

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (my alma mater)

Lucille Ball’s house (adore Roxbury Drive, her house has been totally re-done, but still)

Beverly Hills Cheesecake Factory (same only bigger), minus the cheesecake. Do you blame us?!!

Plenty of time with friends 💗


20th Century Fox (my friend, Rose got us on the lot and we spent the day driving around in golf cart – highlights: Marilyn Monroe’s ‘apartment’ and the Costume Vault!) Thanks, Rose! xo

And of course there was a stop at PINKS on LaBrea.

It’s an institution.

Anya says, “Best burger EVER!”

What made this trip totally great was the balance of things that we did. Some for her. Some for me. Some for both of us.

You can’t ask for more than that except for maybe sunshine, blue skies, ocean and mountains. Yes, L.A. you do have it all. And we’ll be back!

Get started planning your trip to Los Angeles HERE!

Share your best ever mother daughter summer vacation spots in the comments!

Happy travels.



3 Books That Help Take Care of You

3 Books That Help Take Care of You

The following three books are the kind of books that will help take care of you: Eat Smart The Secret Language of Your Body Into the Magic Shop Each one made their way into my life this year and they will definitely stay with me